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It's an RP that's got (check this) lemurs and catpeople and lasers and guns that shoot swarms of little bees that burrow into your nervous system and angry germanic people who turn into dogs and lots and LOTS of alcohol and motors that do naughty things to the space-time continuum and furry little animals in kilts with poisoned blowguns and neon lights and explosions and widely available body modification technology and five or six different kinds of magic and grizzled mercenaries and gunfighters and swordfighters and firefighters and zombies and multinational conglomerates and utopian cities on distant moons and gorgeous wenches wearing semitransparent and diaphenous silks and gorgeous men with rippling muscles wearing tight pants with holes in the backs for their tails to come out of and sleek metal limbs and squirrel-girls with heat-seeking arrows and plants that grow on nothing but air and those little chocolate-covered peanuts they serve at the movie theater, and action and adventure and romance and the constant struggle against alcoholism and poverty and the inherent, tragic desperation of the human (or lemur, or catkin, or zombie, or part-catkin part-lion) condition! In SPACE!



  • Fink, Captain
  • Lenny, Fighter Pilot and First Mate, an amputee with a metal eye.
  • Leanne, Lemur-with-a-mysterious-job
  • Aslinn, pilot extraordinaire (with spots, even)
  • Jimmy, potential mutinee
  • The Grim Silence, a zombie of few words with a big vocabulary (for a zombie)
  • Grak, a lemur
  • Fiberwire, a Scottish ninja-lemur
  • Kira, a leonine medic
  • Whassisface, Grak's hetero male life partner
  • That Other Guy, Ship's Doctor and Sometimes Cook if Fink feels like freakin' you out
  • One of the Jodis, Ship's Mechanic, an amputee with a metal arm
  • That Other Mechanic, Ship's Mechanic, an amputee with a metal stomach.
  • Sparky, Forgotten Ship's Mechanic, a catkin mechanic.




  • Frink! is set in the War! universe, but about three hundred years later.
  • Frink! occurs in the same continuity as the Thunderchild RP, and the characters will interact if all goes as planned.
  • Every lemur in this RP thus far (with the exception of Leanne) is a confirmed alcoholic character.
  • Despite what you might think from reading this RP, not ALL lemurs are alcoholics.
  • And here's the thread. Linky!
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